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I'm a mom of 4 who has had students at every level of Columbia Heights Public Schools and I am currently serving as a School Board Member. My family has lived in Columbia Heights for the last 19 years and we've been leaders in the community. I've managed a local business, served in a local church, volunteered with local nonprofits, and invested in our schools and PTOs. I helped lead the charge to get funding to ensure that North Park School for Innovation would have a secure entrance to keep our students safe. I worked with our community to pay off lunch debt for our families that were struggling to keep up.

I have been a strong voice for equity and inclusion at the board table since my appointment in 2021 and have consistently brought the needs and concerns of the community into our decision making. It is my passion to be a representative of the people of this community, to communicate with transparency, to listen to the needs and concerns of students and parents, and to advocate for change so that we live up to our vision of being a school district where "All belong and All Succeed".

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